Photography Competition

Halloween - Photo Competition


In this competition, we are looking for your scariest photos! You have until midnight (GMT) 7th November to enter. Please allow some time for your entries to be checked before being added to the gallery. Please rate photos that have been added to the gallery. There will be 2 winners selected: 1) the photo with the highest overall rating by midnight 14th November. And: 2) the photo chosen by our judges.

The winners will each win the prestigious YELLOW BEANIE!

Enter a Photograph

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Photo Rating Guide:

(please note only users who are logged in to their Shutter Nutters account can vote, please vote honestly)

1- Poor: An OK effort for someone who is starting out but not an image you would shout about.

2- OK: Has some elements that make this a good photo but nothing special.

3- Good: Shows skill and could make money from their work.

4- Pro: Of a definite professional standard that you’d be happy to pay for.

5- World class: An image that belongs on the cover of a magazine or international ad campaign.


·         You must own any image you upload as part of this competition.

·         You must have taken the photograph yourself.

·         The photos must have been obtained legally.

·         Nudes are allowed in our competitions so long as you have consent to publish the photo from the model, the model must be at least 18 years of age.

·         You may enter a maximum of 2 photos into this competition.

·         Whilst you retain rights to your images, we may use them on social media posts/ website post/ videos.





Witches Cat!
3.38 8 votes
Memento Mori
3.36 11 votes
Bones Beneath the City
2.91 11 votes
The Tower
2.80 5 votes
Haunted House
2.75 4 votes
Go Away!
2.71 7 votes
2.70 10 votes
Dark Eyes 2
2.67 6 votes
2.56 9 votes
Halloween in Freeport
2.50 6 votes
Harry the Scally
2.50 6 votes
Dawn of the pumpkins
2.33 3 votes
2.22 9 votes
Harry’s spooky fire place
2.17 6 votes